(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
Body of persons with an assignment
1. commission, delegation; consignment, assignment; deputation, legation, mission, embassy; committee (see council); agency, power of attorney; task, errand, charge, mandate; diploma; permit (see permission).
2. (act of appointing) appointment, nomination, assignment, charter; ordination, installation, induction, investiture, coronation, enthronement; engagement, hiring, appointment; recruitment, conscription, enlistment.
3. (person appointed) deputy, proxy, agent; commissionaire, errand-boy; diplomat.
4. (member of a commission) commissioner, commissar; minister, mayor, warden, councilor.
5. rental, lease, hire, charter.
Verbs — commission, delegate, depute; consign, assign; charge, entrust, commit, commend; authorize, empower, permit; put in commission, accredit; engage, hire, employ; appoint, name, nominate; ordain, install, induct, invest, crown; sign up, take on; rent, hire out; lease; demise.
Adjectives — commissioned, delegated, assigned, etc.; paid; rented, leased, chartered; sent to committee.
Adverbs — for, instead of, in place of, in lieu of, as proxy for; for hire, lease, or rent, to let.
Quotations — Every time I make an appointment, I create a hundred malcontents and one ingrate (Louis XIV).
Antonyms, see nullification.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [The act of committing]
Syn. delegation, empowering, charging, sending, deputizing, deputation, authorizing, assignment, entrusting, commitment, committing, perpetration, performance, handing over, making over, authorization, engagement, employment, contracting, nomination, appointment, ordaining, ordination, accrediting, investiture, constitution, inauguration, coronation.
2. [An authorization]
Syn. order, license, command, charge; see mandate , permission .
3. [A duty]
Syn. work, function, obligation, assignment; see duty 2 , job 2 .
4. [A committee]
Syn. commissioners, representatives, board, council; see committee .
5. [A payment]
Syn. fee, percentage, remuneration, royalty, salary, stipend, share, portion, cut*, rake-off*; see also pay 2 , payment 1 .
out of commission,
Syn. damaged, not working, out of order, disabled; see broken 2 .
Syn. authorize, appoint, charge, delegate, deputize, empower, accredit, license, order, contract for, requisition, request, send, depute, constitute, ordain, commit, entrust, give in charge, dispatch, consign, assign, entrust with a mission, charge with an errand, confide to, engage, employ, invest, name, nominate, hire, bespeak, enable, command, elect, select; see also approve 1 .
to commission a person is to authorize as well as instruct to perform a certain duty, as the execution of an artistic work, or to appoint to a certain rank or office; authorize implies the giving of power or the right to act, ranging in application from a specific legal power to discretionary powers in dealings of any kind; to accredit , in this comParison, implies the sending of a person, duly authorized and with the proper credentials, as an ambassador, delegate, etc.; license implies the giving of formal legal permission to do some specified thing and often emphasizes regulation [ to license hunters ]
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
1. authorization relegation, entrusting, power, authority, charge, trust, vesting.
2. board committee, delegation, council, agency.
3. compensation fee, share, cut, remuneration, royalty, payment, allowance, stipend.
appoint, assign, delegate, authorize, order, enlist, consign, charge, engage, invest, hire, contract for.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I noun An assignment one is sent to carry out: errand, mission. See WORK. II verb To give authority to: accredit, authorize, empower, enable, entitle, license, qualify. See ALLOW.

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